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Marqui Labs specializes in the design, development, integration, and production of a multitude of Information Technology components. Our expertise orbits around Solution Architecture, a practice that enables us to facilitate the success of our clients' needs. We combine our extensive knowledge of current and future industry technological standards with passion and understanding to deliver unparalleled services to our clients.

I take great pride in aligning our virtues with the right technical proficiency to further empower our clients.

Ashcon Nejad Marqui Labs, Founder

prime services

Dynamic Applications

Web Development

Exceeding expectations by aligning a vision with our creative development, delivering the optimum user experience.

Security + Reliability

Server Architecture

Facilitating bespoke and secure cloud, private, or hybrid based web infrastructure, enabling scalability to handle any type of traffic load.

Engaging Experiences

Collaboration Technology

Integrating the most effective audio/video solutions and collaborative technologies to empower engaging remote participation around the world from the boardroom to on-location venues.


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